TUNEBOT is a Turn Key Solution that serves multiple purposes. 
  1. It's what we use for our own host.
  2. We also extend it to "Independent Service Provider Business Operators" for running their own business.
  3. Plus a Onsite "Venue Platform" to Host Music or Music Video Bingo with our Best Of Breed Platform, Fully Licensed Music Video Library and Everything You Need To Hit the Ground Running to host Shows.  


  1. Strong Intellectual Brand Portfolio and Protections with Pending Trademark & Service mark for Disc Jockey & Software for Entertainment Bars, Restaurants, Senior Venues, Resorts, Private Events, and Entertainment Venues with the United States Patent Trademark Office.
  1. TUNEBOT APP 3.8 helps Service Providers Hosting to produce 5 Star Rated fun for all ages, every time with consistent Game & Player Fun Factor Experience built into platform.
  1. TUNEBOT Host Service Provider Program Includes:

TUNEBOT Gamelist – Player Cards – Scoring System – Music Library

  1. Auto Host” feature professionally Announces “Round Introductions” before each bingo round for consistent TUNEBOT Player Fun Factor Experience every time and is customizable.
  1. Auto Play” feature which automatically starts the game directly following the Round Introduction Announcements, if selected.
  1. Growth as a “Authorized” Service Provider Hosting TUNEBOT Music Video Bingo Game Shows within approved service area with Multiple Host Providers to expand business opportunities.
  1. TUNEBOT Branded Website & Mobile site presence, Service Provider Business Directory Listing & Dedicated Social Media.
  1. TUNEBOT Print on Demand Event Posters, Game Introduction & Business Development Materials, Service Market Introductions, Marketing Materials, Getting Started, Player Materials.
  1. Online Host University linked within TUNEBOT APP Help Section for immediate access to help train host.
  1. Access to Fully Licensed TUNEBOT Music Video Library via “Authorized Licensed Access” to provide unlimited usage, includes forensic mark, file tracking and security to prevent copying, duplicating, uploading or transferring Music library content from “Authorized” TUNEBOT drive.
  1. TUNEBOT is built from the ground up by professionals for professionals.
Includes 5000+ Fully Licensed Music Video Library for Games.